Dot NET Interview Questions 2016 for Freshers - Part 2 - Prepare for Interview - By Placement Dunia

7. What is Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)?
The .NET Framework is shipped with compilers of all .NET programming languages to develop programs. There are separate compilers for the Visual Basic, C#, and Visual C++ programming languages in .NET Framework. Each .NET compiler produces an intermediate code after compiling the source code. The intermediate code is common for all languages and is understandable only to .NET environment. This intermediate code is known as MSIL.

8. What is managed extensibility framework?
Managed extensibility framework (MEF) is a new library that is introduced as a part of .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4. It helps in extending your application by providing greater reuse of applications and components. MEF provides a way for host application to consume external extensions without any configuration requirement.
9. Which method do you use to enforce garbage collection in .NET?
The System.GC.Collect() method.

10. What is the difference between int and int32.
There is no difference between int and int32. System.Int32 is a .NET Class and int is an alias name for System.Int32.
11. What are tuples?
Tuple  is a fixed-size collection that can have elements of either same or different data types. Similar to arrays, a user must have to specify the size of a tuple at the time of declaration. Tuples are allowed to hold up from 1 to 8 elements and if there are more than 8 elements, then the 8th element can be defined as another tuple. Tuples can be specified as parameter or return type of a method.
12. What is the full form of ADO?
The full form of ADO is ActiveX Data Object.
13. What are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET?
DataReader and DataSet are the two fundamental objects in ADO.NET.

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