Dot NET Interview Questions 2016 for Freshers - Part 3 - Prepare for Interview - By Placement Dunia

14. What is the meaning of object pooling?
Object pooling is a concept of storing a pool (group) of objects in memory that can be reused later as needed. Whenever, a new object is required to create, an object from the pool can be allocated for this request; thereby, minimising the object creation. A pool can also refer to a group of connections and threads. Pooling, therefore, helps in minimising the use of system resources, improves system scalability, and performance.

15. Mention the namespace that is used to include .NET Data Provider for SQL server in .NET code.
The System.Data.SqlClient namespace.

16. Which architecture does Datasets follow?
Datasets follow the disconnected data architecture.

17. What is the role of the DataSet object in ADO.NET?
One of the major component of ADO.NET is the DataSet object, which always remains disconnected from the database and reduces the load on the database.

18. Which property is used to check whether a DataReader is closed or opened?
The IsClosed property is used to check whether a DataReader is closed or opened. This property returns a true value if a Data Reader is closed, otherwise a false value is returned.

19. Name the method that needs to be invoked on the DataAdapter control to fill the generated DataSet with data?
The Fill() method is used to fill the dataset with data.

20. What are the pre-requisites for connection pooling?
There must be multiple processes to share the same connection describing the same parameters and security settings. The connection string must be identical.
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